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Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center has been charged with an important mission to connect and motivate students and families from diverse backgrounds through organic gardening, environmental stewardship, and nutrition education, empowering them to be healthy and active citizens.

“I never tried almost all these things that are in here, but it is delicious!”

– 4th Grader, National City

“The hands-on learning experience [Olivewood Gardens] provided is like no other; students are able to learn by cooking, planting, smelling, tasting and feeling! I have noticed a change in their perceptions of food. Olivewood emphasizes making healthy choices but also emphasizes taste!”

– Teacher, National City

“Most of us didn’t have a place to fit in in high school. I was searching. At transcenDANCE, every time I walked in, I felt welcome. To find that in a place of dance is so rare. It’s so beautiful to me. And this place of dance is a home for so much more. transcenDANCE is where I found myself and learned to love myself.”

– Eliuth, age 19, attending San Diego City College 

“For me, transcenDANCE has been stability during instability. It was a home when my home was being exploded. It’s important for transcenDANCE to have a forever home, some place where kids can always go when they’re having troubles, and go for the happy moments too, where they can share their successes.” 

– Bella, age 19, attending Northern Arizona University

transcenDANCE means the world to me. I like to call it my roots…it’s the place where I grew up to be the young man I am today and the person I’m meant to be as a friend, family member, and entertainer.”

– Carlos

”What transcenDANCE means to me is a safe environment where they help you find the better version of yourself.”

– Alma, age 15

I enjoy dancing with transcenDANCE because not only does it teach me dance, but it helps me learn about myself. transcenDANCE is a safe haven for me, surrounded by understanding and supportive people.”

– Akira, age 17

transcenDANCE is a nationally-recognized creative youth development organization that works with teens in underserved San Diego communities. Their programs change the trajectory of students’​ lives by building resilience, confidence, and creativity and by instilling life-changing skills such as leadership, collaboration, and community engagement.

The Sean O’Shea Foundation

Sometime in early March, 2020, the world hit a pivot point as the reality of Covid-19 changed the way people lived and interacted. As schools closed and hospitals and other congregated settings sought to protect their staffs and clients from infection, the Sean O’Shea Foundation had to rethink its programs, which all involved personal interactions between our teachers and youth. The first thing we did was to create a series of videos, available on on SOSF’s YouTube channel, for staff, patients & caregivers at Rady Children’s hospital.

“The support from the Serenity Grace Foundation in the past has been vital in keeping our CALM Kids programs available to schools all over San Diego County and supporting our programs at Rady Children’s Hospital and local juvenile centers…”

Thanks to the Serenity Grace Foundation, we have been able to bring the CALM Kids trainings to hundreds of schools and schoolteachers in San Diego County”

– Gloria O’Shea, Sean O’Shea Foundation
Founder & President

“Dear Sean O’Shea Foundation, thank you for taking your time to come to our facility. Your yoga really helps us all to relax and to keep a positive attitude. The tension here can sometimes get out of hand, and we all need a source to help us clear our minds. The fact that you are coming here to spend your time to teach us is very generous, and I can’t thank you enough! Also, the yoga mats are so nice! Those are almost vital for yoga, because the hard and slippery floor isn’t always the most comfortable or easy thing to do yoga on. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for providing those for us. I hope that everyone has the same appreciation as well. Again, thank you!”

Sierra S.

“Dear Sean O’Shea Foundation, thank you for taking time out of you day to come to juvenile hall and teach us yoga. we all appreciate the equipment you donated to us. we love how once a week we can clear our mind. give us positive attitude to keep our head’s up while we are here. how you give us spiritual relief to take everything one day at a time. The fact we can look forward to relaxation on a tuesday every week. Also i would to give a special thank you to teacher marie for coming on her free time to show us how to stay positive , let go of negative , and show self care. Thank you once again and please keep coming back for other’s who need that push to make it in juvenile hall.”

– Sitara C.